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hydroelectrc power plant, similar to ACE Phase Converter power generation

Pictured above is the generator room of a large hydroelectric power generation plant.

ACE Phase Converter uses 100% copper windings in the generator unit. As well, the wiring connecting each component is 100% copper.

ACE Phase Converter provides the best value phase conversion solution on the market. Take a look at our Smooth Sine series. A picture really is worth 1,000 words.



Power Quality Standards

ACE Phase Converter produces 3 phase power the same way a power generation plant produces power. They do this using rotary generators. In a hydroelectric power generation plant (such as the Hoover Dam), they redirect the flow of water through a turbine, which is connected to the rotary generator. The illustration below shows the basics of a hydroelectric power generation plant.

Inside An Electrical Generator

ACE Phase Converters use the same rotary generation concept. However the powering of the generator is done with single phase power. This is accomplished using ACE Phase Converter proprietary technology. This causes rotation, and thus the creation of a third line of power. While in this process, shifting of the phase angle is done.

Smooth Sine

ACE Phase Converter Smooth Sine Wave Output
ACE Phase Converter utilizes proprietary Smooth Sine™ technology. This provides a smooth waveform to ensure longevity of your equipment, as well as proper running operation. The picture to the left depicts an ideal sine wave. This is the sine wave output you will get from any one of our quality ACE Phase Converter Smooth Sine™ Signature Series.

Digitally Synthesized 3 Phase

Digitally Synthesized 3 Phase
The output on this type of phase conversion technology tends produce a significant level of harmonic distortion. Although the phase displacement is correct, this distortion can have a damaging effect on your machinery. ACE Phase Converters output no harmonic distortion, as well as produce proper phase displacement.

Inferior Rotary Technology

Unbalanced, Inferior Rotary Phase Covnerter Technology
This is another technology that produces a smooth sinusoidal wave. However in some cases a critical design oversight produces an output phase displacement that is poorly balanced. Additionally, due to this unbalance the peak voltages will vary. This combination can produce poor power factor; a contributor to inefficiency, heat generation, and generally inferior performance.

Static Converter "The Buzzbox"

Static Phase Converter Sine Wave
This technology produces a momentary boost in power to your equipment. It then disconnects abruptly, resulting in your machine receiving only 1 phase power after full rotation has commenced. This technology is commonly offered to consumers who desire the cheapest possible solution. Long term affects caused by the static method may include equipment overheating, rotational imbalance, and in the worst case scenario, utter failure.
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Power Quality Standards
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