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Lowering your power bill is easy. Use an ACE Phase Converter.

ACE Phase Converter Cost Analysis

There are many ways an ACE Phase Converter can save you money.

ACE Phase Converter uses 100% copper windings in the generator unit. As well, the wiring connecting each component is 100% copper.

ACE Phase Converter provides the best value phase conversion solution on the market. Take a look at our Smooth Sine series. A picture really is worth 1,000 words.



See How An ACE Phase Converter Can Save You Money

There are many variables and factors that can effect the amount of money you may save by using an ACE Phase Converter. Below we will go over some of these variables.

Cost To Bring In 3 Phase Service

Power companies impose hefty charges in order to bring in a new 3 phase service to a building. In some cases bringing in 3 phase service is not even an option. In order for the power company to bring in 3 phase, they may need to replace the current (or maybe non-existent) step-down transformer to take the high voltage power from the lines down to a usable voltage for the building. If there are no 3 phase lines near the building, they will need to run lines from the nearest location. This means installing the poles and other equipment that goes along with that. They will need to run multiple high voltage ACSR wires. Conduit will also need to be run, and a 3 phase panel will need to be installed in the buildings electrical room.

Phase Converter Installation Cost

ACE Phase Converters are designed with installation simplicity in mind. Most of our competitors product use a seperated design, where you have a control box in addition to the rotary generator. With an ACE Phase Converter you get a unitized design, meaning the control box and the generator come as one single unit. With this design there is no need to run wires from the cabinet to the generator, which makes the installation much faster as well as reduces the cost due to less wire. This is just one of the many design features built into the converter allowing installation to be done in a breeze.

3 Phase Equipment Lasts Longer

With a 1 phase motor you have a few extra components that you will not find in a 3 phase motor, such as a relay or contactor and capacitors or resistors. These components are required in order to allow the 1 phase motor to get started. Due to the nature of 3 phase and how it works these components are not necessary in order to start a 3 phase motor. Without these components, you are less prone to failure, will have less maintenance, and will be able to run longer with out problems.

3 Phase Machinery Costs Less

3 phase machinery is generally less costly than their 1 phase counterparts. By having an ACE Phase Converter, you now have the option of buying 3 phase equipment at that lower cost.

Providing Solutions Fast

ACE Phase Converter keeps stock on all standard models. Give us a call and we can usually ship out the same day, Next Day Air if necessary. On occasion our customers have had down equipment due to failure of their phase converter. They turn to us for a reliable solution that they can get right away. Without the phase converter it may cost these companies 10's or 100's of thousands of dollars a day due to loss of profit from downtime. Rely on ACE for a FAST solution.

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