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ACE Phase Converter epitomizes "Installation Simplicity" with the Smooth Sine Signature Series.

"Installation just doesn't get any easier"...

Originally when the topic of providing a comprehensive online installation tutorial came up, we had envisioned a picture by picture explanation of all the necessary work involved.

After further joint deliberation between our applications & engineering teams, we came to the conclusion that there really wasn't much to explain. It really is "that simple".

When an organization sets out out to develop a product with the essence of simplicity as a primary design cue, on many occasion as with this case, that is truly what is achieved.

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Installation Simplicity of an AP2 Model ACE Phase Converter

Dramatically reduces Installation Costs. Installation can now be performed in a fraction of the time compared to conventional phase converter connection systems. Unitized design makes life easier. 3 phase power is only one main component away from powering your machinery and getting you back to running your business.
Secure terminal-less connections achieved using heavy duty oversized connections blocks. This eliminates the need for crimp-on terminals, wire nuts etc. once wires have been run and stripped, the actual connection termination process takes seconds.   Field re-configurable voltage configuration. Designed to provide a clear versatility advantage, all units are field re-configureable to operate on multiple voltages. Should your voltage needs ever change ACE Phase Converter has you covered.
Conduit/cable holes come pre-punched for convenience.    
Input and output connections are clearly marked; 1-Phase input and 3-Phase output. Simply connect single phase (2 wires & ground) to the Input connections block and three phase (3 wires & ground) to the Output connections block.   * All installations of ACE Phase Converter products should only be attempted by qualified personnel. 
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