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From a stainless steel powder coated cabinet, to oversized heavy duty terminal blocks, ACE is built solid!

ACE Phase Converter uses 100% copper windings in the generator unit. As well, the wiring connecting each component is 100% copper.

ACE Phase Converter provides the best value phase conversion solution on the market. Take a look at our Smooth Sineģ series. A picture really is worth 1,000 words.



Highest Quality Materials

We strive to provide the highest quality phase converters possible. In order to do this we make sure to use the best materials available. That is why we use only 100% copper wound generators in our products. Copper has long been one of the top industry metals due to its overwhelming advantages in the electrical field. Copper outperforms the competition in almost all measurable comparisons.

Copper v. Aluminum

Superior Conductivity

Copper sets the standard on todayís electrical conductivity charts. Only silver is rated more conductive. Aluminumís electrical capacity is a mere 64.9% as conductive as copper; limiting its overall amperage capacity. Ex. 90°C 12awg Copper wire in free air = 40 amps vs. 90°C 12awg aluminum wire in free air = 30 amps. Thatís a 25% difference.

Conductive Oxidation

Copper is a superior choice over aluminum is its ability to work with a multitude of connection types. Aluminum has experienced difficulties in this particular area. When left exposed to the atmosphere, aluminum will develop a hard, tough oxide film on its surface. While this film may protect the aluminum from further corrosion it creates a problem for the connections to which it attaches. The oxide layer that forms is a good insulator and therefore raises the resistance between the connection terminals and the aluminum surface, eventually overheating the connections and causing failures. Although copper will also react to the atmosphere and oxidize; the thin layer that does form is conductive, eliminating this problem.

Smaller Size

The inability for aluminum to compete with copper in conductivity causes manufacturers to overbuild aluminum wound units to compensate; creating a unit that requires a significantly larger footprint. This need to over build the units also tends to take away from one of the only significant advantages of aluminum: weight. Per foot aluminum does weigh significantly less, but the more you add on top of it to try and match coppers conductivity the more it weighs, thus reducing any advantage it may have had.

As we continue to provide the highest quality products we will use only the best materials available. Copper has proven itself countless times in the past and is still considered the top end material in our industry. With that in mind, rest assured that all Ace Phase Converter units will be provided with 100% electrical grade copper wound generator units.

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