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ACE Phase Converters work with any type of 3 phase load. Some examples are motors, heaters, battery chargers, inverters, and much more.

ACE Phase Converter provides the best value phase conversion solution on the market. Take a look at our Smooth Sine series. A picture really is worth 1,000 words.

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Advanced Sizing

The advanced sizing page will show you more in depth how to size an ACE Phase Converter for any type of load, multiple loads, and CNC loads.

Mixed Loads

ACE Phase Converters can be used with mixed loads. This means that you can run motor loads, as well as resistive or inductive loads (Type 5) on the same converter simultaneously. However we do not recommend running CNC equipment on the same converter with other loads.

Multiple Loads

ACE Phase Converters can be used with multiple loads up to the capacity of the converter. In order to properly size a converter, we must first determine what motors will be starting at the same time, and what will be running at the same time.

Determine for your largest motor what load type number it is (1-4). Add your total motor HP together for all the motors starting at the same time. Look at the load type number column on the product selection page, and find the model that is equal to or greater than your total starting HP.

Now add together your total running HP, and for the model you previously selected make sure the cumulative HP is equal or greater to your total running load. If not, then step up to the next size that is equal or greater.

Now that we have determined the converter for your motor loads, we need to add in any type 5 loads. Look at the continuous output ampere rating for the model you selected, and add it with your type 5 amps. Now select the next model up which is equal or greater to that number on the continuous output rating.

CNC Loads

CNC loads are recommended to be run on their own separate converter from any other loads. Sizing is very simple, just take your max amp or kW rating from your CNC load and match it up with the CNC rating on the product selection page.

Voltage Considerations

ACE Phase Converters are dual-voltage rated. You can run either 208-240v, or you can reconfigure it simply for 440-480v operation. Keep in mind that when you run it at 480v the amperage rating is now cut in half. ACE Phase Converters output a 3 phase hi-leg Delta configuration. If a Wye configuration is needed, you will need to step up to the next size converter, and use a Delta-Wye transformer. In this case give us a call and we can provide the transformer as well. The output voltage on ACE Phase Converters is the same as the input voltage, ± 5%. If your supply voltage is different than your machine rated voltage, the use of a transformer may be necessary as well. In this case give us a call.

Supply Power

As a general rule of thumb, your 1 phase supply power should be twice the amperage of your total three phase load.

Input Breaker Sizing

Your 1 phase input breaker should be twice your total 3 phase load. Additionally it must fall within the minimum and maximum breaker sizes listed in the chart below. If your 3 phase load multiplied by two is under the minimum, then use the minimum size.

Model Min. Max
AP2B 10A 10A
AP3B 20A 40A
AP5B 30A 50A
AP7B 40A 60A
AP11B 50A 80A
AP15B 60A 100A
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